I believe the Egyptian Colocynth ointment is effective. I do a lot of gardening and this affects my joints. This is why I use the ointment. I have a 14-year-old son. Last autumn, his arm was so painful that he couldn’t even straighten it. Antibiotics were of no help and we had to start going to the rheumatologist to receive injections. The doctors discovered that my son had suffered from osteitis and had developed a formation on the bone in his arm. I looked up the company on the internet and ordered the ointment. We applied the ointment for a month (missing some days due to my son forgetting the ointment at home when we left for our summer cottage) and my son wore a woollen sweater. He was able to straighten his arm after just a week.
Another time, my husband had been to the gym and ruptured his muscles when lifting weights. He had to go to the emergency room. Afterwards, he applied the Colocynth ointment to the ruptured muscles and it helped! On another occasion, we went to the sea to cast our fishing nets and he injured his muscles again. I rubbed the injured area with the ointment. This helped alleviate the pain. I have recommended and will continue recommending the ointment to everyone!

Sirje, 58
I suffer from chronic rheumatoid arthritis. I have applied the Egyptian ointment when massaging my neck and hand. The ointment should alleviate the pain in the long term. Thus far, I have used one jar of the ointment. The smell of the ointment was uncomfortable for me at first due to my allergies (mucous membranes). However, I recommend that anyone with a serious joint or muscle problem try this ointment!

Robert, 48
A good product, gives a pleasant sense of warmth! I recommend it to anyone with back pains.

Ene, 55
I used one jarful of the ointment. It did not have much of an effect. Maybe the ointment doesn’t suit me or perhaps I have failed to finish curing my ailments by prematurely straining myself too much. I practice sports – visit the gym, etc. I am not overweight.

Anneliis, 62
I haven’t really used the ointment that much myself. I can definitely say that it relieves pain. It really helped my father, my husband, and my granddaughter. The ointment is a good remedy for bone and joint aches. The effect is considerable and lasting if the ointment is applied properly on a daily basis. However, people tend to be lazy – when the pain subsides, they tend to forget that it is necessary to apply the ointment and massage the spot. I have used half a jar myself, but haven’t applied it on a daily basis either. I have arthritis in my knee and the ointment did help me by alleviating the pain.

I hurt my back when cleaning my home and carrying things I did not need and waste paper to the dumpsters. I felt a rather strong pain in my sacrum. I took a bath and let my husband rub the Colocynth ointment into my still damp skin. I then put on a thick woollen sweater. I felt the injured spot become pleasantly warm. After a quarter of an hour, the pain was completely forgotten (and has not returned since). It’s good that we had the Egyptian ointment at hand and I knew that it had to be applied as soon as possible after developing an ailment. The effect of any good remedy is decreased in the case of chronic ailments. I definitely recommend this ointment not only for older people, but also specifically to young people whose ailments have not become chronic and are caused by a certain instance of strain.

Kristina, masseuse
Uses the ointment in segment massage on both sides of the body.
Very effective, can be used in small quantities, good consistency, no irritating smell.
Has used the ointment in Estonia, Finland, the UK.
Indications: Pain, stiffness of joints (incl. sore neck), muscle tension.
Effects: Increased muscle tone, relieved stress, improved joint mobility.
Provides a deep and lasting feeling of warmth, does not contain pepper, etc., that heat you at first and then cool you down.
Has used it on a couple of occasions as a remedy for muscular dystrophy to no recognizable effect.
Side effects: A lot less skin irritation than in the case of other ointments. In case of very sensitive skin, neutral massage oil is applied before the Colocynth ointment.
Duration: Sometimes just one session, usually five sessions, after which the herbal information will be preserved in the cell memory.
The process has to be repeated only after several weeks.

Avo (48)
Effective, can be used in small quantities, has a pleasant smell and is easy to apply. Intends to keep using the ointment.
The joints in his arms and legs were aching and stiff, especially in the morning. It took him about half an hour to get himself going.
Effects: the pain has been cut in half, notably in the knees. A sports ointment in a dark-coloured tube also used to relieve the pain but would get disturbingly hot later, during working hours.
No side effects.

Enn (51)
I had a very sharp pain in the elbow when moving or touching it about two years ago and nothing I did could make it better. I used the product for a week and the pain was gone and hasn’t come back.
No side effects.

Has been using the ointment for over a year.
Effective, can be used in small amounts, the smell is not bad and it absorbs well.
If her neck is stiff and painful, her husband rubs it with ointment. The tension and pain are relieved. The procedure has to be repeated after a while.
No side effects.

Priit, top-level athlete (24)
His Achilles tendon was tense and painful after training in the indoor hall. A friend let him try out the ointment. He had previously used another ointment that was not very effective.
He massages his tendon with the ointment in the evenings, has experiences a decrease of pain and stress and is competing successfully.
The smell and consistency are pleasant. It is comfortable to apply the ointment.
He recommended the ointment to a person he trains with, who had neuralgia in his hip. That person’s pain has also been alleviated considerably.
His father had pains below his shoulder blade. He used the ointment and has not had to apply it for some time now.

She fell on her hand and heard a cracking sound. At the emergency room, she was told that her hand had suffered a contusion. The hand ached. She applied the ointment to the aching spot for three days (three times a day) and the pain subsided. When her back is stiff and muscles are tense, she sometimes rubs the ointment on her back. The tension, stiffness and pain all disappear. Her husband also uses the ointment. The ointment smells good and absorbs well.

Helve (66)
She felt a snap in her back half a year ago, after which her back hurt and became stiff. After she applied the ointment on a few occasions, the pain subsided and the mobility increased. She uses the ointment periodically to alleviate pains in her sacrum and radiculitis in her neck. After a few days of treatment with the ointment, the pain is alleviated.

Tanja K., masseuse
Is using her first jarful, thinks that the consistency is very good and that the ointment is well-suited for massages. Slow, soft, lasting warmth, decreased tension, softer skin. One man developed an allergic reaction – itching, redness.
She wants to continue using the ointment and believes that it gives good results.

The ointment worked wonders on the neuritis in my hip and thigh muscles: I applied it on a couple of occasions and could forget all about the pain!

Regina (57)
Strained her hip muscles when lifting her grandchild. The pain was gone after she had applied the ointment three times. She also has chronic arthritis in her wrist, but the ointment was of no help there. She finds the smell slightly annoying but enjoys applying the ointment.

Ene, masseuse
Has used the product for a short period of time. Applies the ointment to a problematic spot on her back after a massage and also massages her legs with the ointment. She thinks the ointment is easy to apply and has a lasting and soft warming effect. The ointment relieved stress and pain in addition to improving the mobility of the joints in her foot.

The produkt is ideed quite good and I am very happy with the quality(p) It helped me quite a lot with certain complains
The ointment is very helpful in relieveing pain and stiffness arter two knee replacements (p) I am delighted to be able to obtain it from you as I got to know about it on a holiday in Egypt and did not know it was availible here

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