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How to buy?

1.Click ORDER HERE on first page.

2.On the PRODUCTS page you can choose products and quantities. Change the number of products to suit your needs. Then click ADD TO CART and CONTINUE SHOPPING

3.On the CART page you can check and modify the contents of your cart once more. When you have checked the contents of the cart, click CHECK OUT

4.On the CHECKOUT page, fill in your address fields, determine the means of transport and choose payment method, and once everything is correct, click CONTINUE CHECKOUT

5.If you choose BANK TRANSFER as payment method, you will be redirected to the ORDER ACCEPTED page and will receive an email.

6.If you choose CREDIT CARD or PAYPAL, you will be redirected to the payment page and to the ORDER ACCEPTED page once the payment has been succesfully made.

7.For paying by bank transfer, you will receive a prepayment invoice by email.

8.After the purchase, you will receive an email message with all purchase data.

Thank you for buying!

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